Today on Educate For Life, Kevin has two great guests to discuss the interesting connection between science and ministry. How do you get a scientist and a pastor to team up?

Dr. Anthony Silvestro grew up in a Roman Catholic family. His love for science began at an early age. Throughout his early years of education, he excelled in both mathematics and science. As a result, the secular world accomplished its goal: he became an evolutionist by the time he completed his ninth-grade biology class. This became the start of his fast-paced drift away from God. Years later after meeting his wife Julie, who was also raised Roman Catholic, God got ahold of Dr. Silvestro. On a trip to a medical conference he visited the Creation Museum and discovered that he needed to rethink everything he thought he knew about evolution. Today, he is a creationist working with churches to equip them to defend a biblical worldview.

Andrew Rappaport is the founder and president of Striving for Eternity Ministries and the executive director of the Christian Podcast Community. He is the host of several podcasts; Andrew Rappaport’s Rapp Report, Andrew Rappaport’s Rapp Report Daily, Apologetics Live,  and So You Want to be a Podcaster. Andrew is the author of the books  What Do They Believe, which is a systematic theology of the major western religions, and What Do We Believe, which is a systematic theology of the Christian faith. He also contributed to other books like On the Origins of Kinds and Sharing the Good News with Mormons. Andrew established Equip Conferences (formally Spread the Fire), evangelism training and outreach events. He is the instructor for the Striving for Eternity Academy, an online school that teaches hermeneutics and systematic theology.

Tune in for a great episode packed full of information.

This episode first aired on July 6, 2019

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