Nephilim are mentioned three times in the Bible. There is a lot of mystery surrounding who or what they were. Some theories claim that they are aliens. They point to the root word in Hebrew which means “fallen one” meaning they fell from the sky. However, that may not be accurate. The true root word may be an Aramaic term that simply means “giant”.

Today on Educate For Life, Kevin has as his guest Tim Chaffey. Tim Chaffey has written the book, literally, on the subject. It is called “Fallen: The Sons of God and the Nephilim”. Genesis 6 introduces two of the most mysterious groups in all of Scripture: the sons of God and the Nephilim (or giants). Scholars have been divided over this issue since the early days of the church. Were the sons of God really fallen angels that married women or were they something else? Were the Nephilim the offspring of the unions between the sons of God and women or were they already around prior to these marriages? Why were they on the earth again after the Flood?

Find out the truth about two of the greatest mysteries in Scripture as Tim clears up the misconceptions and presents one of the most detailed and scholarly studies ever done on this subject. You may never look at the Old Testament the same way again.

Tune in for a great episode that unpacks a biblical mystery and sheds light on the subject. If you want to learn more, check out

This episode first aired on Aug 3rd, 2019

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