Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species is considered one of history’s most influential books and has become the foundation of evolutionary biology. But what if Darwin was looking at the same evidence today using modern science; would his conclusions be the same?

Today on Educate For Life, Kevin’s guest is Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson. Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson holds a Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology from Harvard University. He serves as a research biologist, author, and speaker with Answers in Genesis and formerly conducted research with the Institute for Creation Research.

Dr. Jeanson will describe for you how Darwin’s theory is falling apart and the tide is turning toward Creation Science. One common objection against Creation Science is that it doesn’t make any predictions. Not only is that objection false, but the predictions that are being made are also coming true. Dr. Jeanson lists several predictions in his book, “Replacing Darwin”. He continues to work on research that continues to prove those predictions.

Tune in for a great episode. To learn more about Dr. Jeanson and read some of his research articles, check out 

This episode first aired on Aug 24, 2019

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