Are the stories of the Bible history, or mythology?  The science of archaeology can help to provide the answer.  This week Kevin speaks with Dr. Scott Stripling (a returning guest) and Dr. Bryant Wood, archeologists with the Associates for Biblical Research (ABR).  They discuss some exciting new archeological finds, including the signet ring of King Hezekiah (the same Hezekiah who had a 533-meter-long tunnel constructed under Jerusalem).

The three of them also discuss a compelling new documentary that Dr. Wood was involved in: Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.  This film, created by Tim Mahoney, explores the evidence for Israel’s arrival, prosperity, enslavement, and exodus from Egypt as described in the Bible.  Although there is abundant archaeological data supporting the biblical account, secular historians write it off as appearing far to early to match up with the rest of ancient history.  But could it be that the archaeological establishment has erred in its chronology of ancient Egyptian history?

To learn more about the Associates for Biblical Research and the archeological evidence for the Bible, visit their website at  You can even get involved in their current dig in Khirbet el-Maqatir in Israel!  Visit for more information.

This episode first aired on January 24th, 2016.

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