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drlevyIf God hasn’t offended you yet, He will. This principle is seen throughout The Bible (See Biblical Lessons on Offense blog post). Our response to offense is important to any relationship including our relationship with God. What we are willing to suffer without immediate explanation demonstrates how much value we have in the relationship. If I didn’t show up for an appointment with you, causing you to be inconvenienced, you would expect an apology the next time we see each other. In fact, there would be tension in our relationship until I explained why I inconvenienced you. With God, we often feel inconvenienced by a presumed lack of help, but often, we receive no explanation.

When we really want something for ourselves or our loved ones, and it appears God doesn’t care or doesn’t respond favorably, the pain can cause offense, since God could have given us our desire. We may not see it at first but anger and bitterness with others is traceable to God, who claims ultimate responsibility. Working through offense with God is an overlooked and underestimated obstacle to maturity, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and self-control. It is here we have an unprecedented opportunity to trust God when we don’t get our desires.

Many people are angry at God for things in life that have not turned out the way they planned.  It might be akin to an individual desiring immediate surgery because of great pain, but not having the experience to see that the pain will improve with time, and surgery may not be the answer, in fact, they may be worse off than before surgery. When God allows tragedy/pain/suffering, it is tempting to reason that either God is not good, not loving, not all-powerful, or not ultimately responsible.

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