Science: Test – Repeat – Observe

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Did you know there  is a classic test to determine if science is being properly applied? 

 It is called the “white swan test”. So suppose there was a  belief that “ALL swans are white.” In science this would be called my starting hypothesis. Could this prove to be true by showing that all swans on a local pond are white? How about if all the swans in a specific city were found to be white? Would the claim be validated if emails were sent all over the world, asking to report back if all the swans seen around them are white? Do these observations prove the theory scientifically true? No, the only way to prove if any theory is true is to disprove it, in this case find a black swan. This is what is meant by science needing to be “falsifiable”.

Molecule-to-man evolution is a belief system rather than a scientific theory, because no evidence is ever accepted as a falsification of the belief. Evidence supporting evolution can be compared  to only looking for “white swans”, while seeking evidence  for  “black swans” is simply ignored. These “black swans” include the impossibility of matter appearing from nothing, systematic gaps between very different kinds of creatures in the fossil record, the rapid build-up of mistakes upon the genetic code of living creatures, the majority of dating methods that indicate a recent creation, the multiple evidences for the rapid and recent deposition of the geological layers of the planet, the inability for complex multiple parts of an organism to appear simultaneously, and the impossibility of the information content of DNA to have made itself. 

These well documented observations that support the reality that life was designed, is exactly what we would expect if the Bible is true and the universe was recently and supernaturally created. Yet all of the contradictions of evolution are simply ignored as though the “black swans” do not exist.

(Source: Inspired Evidence – Julie Von Vett & Bruce Malone)



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