Seed Survival

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How did God create the perfect balance for life on Earth? 

One interesting way to appreciate God’s design in nature is to try to solve certain problems that He had to face. Try this one. Plants need seeds to produce the next generation. But what about the insects that feed on seeds? If you decide that insects will not eat seeds, what will insects eat? If the insects eat all the seeds, how will the plant survive? So we need insects, and they need something to eat. Seeds are a convenient food for them. We have come full circle, we need seeds, and we need insects. Here are two solutions to the problem.

A plant could be designed to produce so many seeds that insects would not be able to eat all of them. Or plants could be designed to produce seeds with a natural insect repellent. Both design solutions are found in nature. Those plants that produce so many seeds that the insects could not possibly eat them all generally do not make seeds that are poisonous to insects. Those plants that produce fewer seeds often have a natural insect repellent within them. As a result, insects and plants continue on generation after generation.

Evolutionists contribute all this design to random chance changes overtime, choosing to believe that because plants have survived, this proves they have evolved this ability to survive. This faulty, circular reasoning explains nothing. God in His wisdom had to solve many problems as He created the world. God displays His foresight and wisdom through the things He made.

(Source: Inspired Evidence –Paul A. Bartz, Letting God Create Your Day, Natural Insect Repellent vol.1 pp.51 )





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