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What our members are saying:

Thank you, Educate for Life! Not only is this ministry helping me to be better equipped to share my faith, it has also greatly deepened my own passion and reverence for the Lord. While there are a variety of wonderful Christian apologetics ministries out there, Educate for Life stands out because of the excellent quality and user friendly format of the video lectures. I appreciate that the lectures can also be used with middle school aged students. My eleven-year-old son is a visual learner, so the variety of video clips, interviews, charts, etc. that are embedded into the lectures are so helpful in keeping him (as well as myself) very engaged. In addition, Kevin comes across as very approachable, knowledgeable, respectful and articulate.”

Mindy, parent

Kevin Conover is an amazing apologist and bible teacher! I’m grateful for his earnest desire to reach our younger generation. Anyone who takes part in his class will be equipped to give an answer for the hope that is in them!

Stacey, parent

This class used logic, evidence and Biblical support to strengthen my faith in a simple, effective, and easily understood way. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone, strong Christian or not.

Lucas, high school student

We purchased Educate for Life over a year ago. I am grateful for the quality family time and conversations with our teens. Keep up the great work!

Carmen, parent

Kevin explains things in a logical and easy to understand way that truly prepares you to defend your faith. We had a group of 15 people together to watch the lessons every week and everyone learned so much! Kevin covers so many important and tough topics. Keep up the great work Educate for Life! And thank you for providing such a valuable curriculum for an age group that needs it so badly!

Paige, small group leader

I am a current college student at a state school and am so glad I took a few of these courses on creation. Being a science major, it is really difficult to defend why belief in God and creation is much more plausible than evolution. Not only did these courses preserve my childhood faith in a fragile period of my life, my faith grew as a result. I feel I have a better foundation because of the knowledge I’ve learned. I would recommend Educate for Life to anyone either looking to defend what they believe in or searching for answers themselves.

Becca, college student

This class has encouraged me to be confident in my faith and that there are no reasons as to why I should doubt God’s Word. The class has given me strength and evidence to be strong and confident in what I believe.

Mailani, high school student

Just  $9.99  $4.99 a month to strengthen your family’s confidence in the Bible forever. Sign up by November 30 with code NEW50 for 50% off your membership FOR LIFE!