The Amazing Octopus

Sep 23, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Can animals use tools?

Scientists have recently discovered the most unusual way animals use tools, or even trash to build their homes. Scurrying across the seafloor is the veined octopus, who builds his house using elements such as coconut shells or in this case a soda can. Quite often they’ve been observed placing a coconut shell on top and bottom of their soft bodies providing shelter and perfect underwater armor. When the octopus needs to travel, it simply stacks the shells or carries the can offering a mobile housing unit. Scientists have even spotted a vein octopus digging buried coconut shells out of the sand and squirting them with jets of water to clean them before moving in. 

The vein octopus is just one of several animals that uses tools. There have been sightings of  bottlenose dolphins in Australia using sea sponges in their beaks to stir up ocean sand and uncover prey. And sea otters have been spotted using stones as hammers to crack open abalone shells and get food inside. It’s amazing that God designed these animals with the ability to use tools! 


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