The Heart is Deceitful

Jan 25, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Did you know it is within the nature of mankind to lie?

The problem with lying to ourselves is that we actually know we are lying, so we must pile layer after layer of more absurd lies in a futile attempt to suppress the original lie.

Debating moral topics on an intellectual basis often drives those blind to the truth into deeper levels of denial. This is because people already know the truth. Professor J. Budziszewski teaches that people are simply choosing to ignore reality by pretending to believe something which they know, deep down, cannot be true. Abortion, homosexuality, and evolution all fall into this category.

  • Abortion is clearly the killing of innocent human life. A growing baby inside a mother’s womb is not a blood clot, a mass of tissue, or a “fetus”. It is a tiny human being. A “mass of tissue” does not do somersaults, or suck its thumb, or have a heart that beats at 18 days.
  • In a similar fashion, homosexuality is a denial of the obvious. Human bodies are designed to fit together for reproductive purposes – male into female – like a key into a lock.
  • Evolution is fraught with scientific problems at every level. Matter cannot create itself, an eternal universe would be heat-dead, information (such as is found in DNA) does not organize itself by any known natural process, and most dating methods indicate a recent creation.

Only God’s Word provides an unchanging plumb line to evaluate the layers of lies we hide behind. This is what is so dangerous about ‘interpreting” God’s Word to fit man’s theories, observations, and desires. It is like bending a level to fit a crooked corner and then attempting to use the new shape to construct the rest of the house. At that point, the tool needed to evaluate the truth has been twisted and is no longer useful.

(Source: Inspired Evidence – Julie Von Vett & Bruce Malone)


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