The Nativity

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Merry Christmas!

Did you know during the Middle Ages many people did not know how to read? The church held plays to teach biblical truths and the plays performed at the Christmas time included Adam and Eve. So, what did Adam and Eve have to do with Christmas?

Many plays of that era started with apples tied to an evergreen tree. There were no apple trees in cold, wintry Germany, so they used an evergreen tree with apples. Adam and Eve chose rebellion against God and ate of the forbidden fruit. Immediately, Adam and Eve knew their relationship with God had changed and attempted to hide themselves, but God came looking for them. God had to remove them from the beautiful garden and sin has been with us ever since. That is why we have death in the world; for the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). But how can sin be paid for? Who could make us clean again? Only one, God’s son.

Jesus’ birth, which is celebrated at Christmas time, is all about paying the debt of Adam and Eve sin and ours. Jesus came and paid that price with His death on the cross. Why a tree at Christmas​​? To represent that first tree of life. Why an apple on the tree? To remind us of our sinful choices. Why lights on a Christmas tree? To signify the coming of the light of the world. Why are Christmas colors green, red, and white? The colors represent the tree of life (green), the forbidden fruit (red), and the light of the world (white). Christmas traditions, when properly understood, point to the profound truths of Christianity. These Christians of of the past can help Christians today understand the connection between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

(Source: Inspired Evidence – Julie Von Vett & Bruce Malone)


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