The Perfect Nursery

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How has God designed the chicken’s egg to be a perfect nursery?

Inside the egg, the nutritional yolk provides food, protection and oxygen for the developing chick. The egg white is a food source and acts as a cushion, absorbing any bumps when the egg is turned. The egg has a strong shell for protection.
Architects have copied the egg shape in building domes, such as on the United States capitol building. Imagine an egg without a shell, the egg would be squished during incubation. The shell is not solid but porous, allowing the chick to breathe, possessing 10,000 tiny pores. If there were too many pores, then the egg shell would be too brittle, and the egg would break too easily. If there were too few pores, the chick would not get enough air and would die in the shell.
Evolutionists say that the number of pores happened by accident and chance. If this was true, we would have lots of dead, undeveloped chicks long before the bird could have ever evolved. God designed the exact number of pores for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in order for the chick to develop and hatch.
On day 19 of a chick’s development, it is too large to receive enough oxygen through the pores. It is time to break out, but how, when the egg shell is so strong? Miraculously, the chick has been developing just the right escape equipment, an egg tooth. The egg tooth is a ridge on the chick’s bill used to pierce through a membrane within the shell that hides a six hour supply of air. Does the chick now relax since it has received a new supply of air? If it did, the air would run out, and the chick would die. No, it uses those critical six hours to peck through the shell and gasp its first breath of outside oxygen.
The egg is the perfect nursery for the developing chick, providing food, protection and air. When we see the design of an egg and the instincts of a chick about to hatch, we know there must be a Designer.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Del Tackett, Truth Project #5 Focus on the Family 2007)



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