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Have you ever seen or experienced the devastation of a tornado?

Tornados also referred to as twisters are some of the most intriguing yet horrifying of all storms. These thin spinning tubes of air stretch from the clouds to the ground generating wind speeds of 100 to 300 miles per hour.

As warm air collides with cold air a clear updraft begins to rotate, as it continues to spin, it accumulates dust, dirt and wreckage, giving it a spooky dark coloration. A tornado may make landfall for only a few seconds traveling a few hundred feet, or it can last as long as an hour traveling for miles. Faster winds and extended contact with the ground the heavier the damage. Destruction ranging from the downing of a tree limb, to the removal of a roof or a dwelling from its  foundation,  these powerful storms can even send cars hurling through the air like missiles. 

Tornadoes hit the United States more than any other country in the world. More than 1,200 tornadoes form every year. Most occur in Tornado Alley which is in the Midwest, and Texas experiences the most tornadoes with approximately 155 a year. With all of the destruction is there any benefit to these powerful storms? It’s been discovered that the landscape gets refreshed, the earth gets watered and nitrogen gets added to the soil providing nourishment land during the process.


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