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How do we confirm Truth?

In the 1400’s, there were three groups of people. Those who believed the Earth was flat, those who believed the Earth was round and those who did not know what to believe.
Those who believed the Earth was round acted on the truth, changed human history, and became men of renown as Columbus, Magellan & others whose names are still remembered to this day. The other two groups may seem to have held different beliefs, but on a practical level, they both acted the same. The group who believed the Earth was flat had no interest in exploring the world because they feared they would sail off the edge. The last group was unwilling to commit to either possibility; therefore, they were frozen in place and made no significant contribution to mankind in this area. The same three choices face us on every issue involving truth.
Those who know the truth are willing to risk mockery, rejection, popularity, finances, and even their lives to defend and act upon that truth. Those who deny the truth will always oppose the truth. The group who doesn’t know what is true, simply fails to act. Both the “truth doubters” and the “I don’t knowers” will ultimately be relegated to anonymity because they have no motivation to act. Truth will ultimately triumph because it cannot be changed, otherwise it would not be “the truth”. The truth is not subject to popular vote, majority opinion, or a democratic process. The truth simply is.
In our age it has become a virtue to pretend that truth does not exist. It is considered open minded and ‘tolerant’ to accept all viewpoints rather than to search out which side of an issue is the truth, and then act on that truth. God calls us to seek out and proclaim the truth.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Eric Ludy The Brave-hearted Gospel, The Truth is Worth Fighting for, 2008 pp.121-125)


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