Vocal Variety

Dec 3, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Did you know humans are capable of making over 50 different distinct sounds in speech? 

These sounds are combined to make thousands of words in a language and melodies with a wide range of pitch and harmony. To make these sounds requires precise design features and combination of a throat, muscles, tongue, and a speech processing center in the brain.

Some of these unique human design features include fine muscle control of the vocal tract, unique agile tongue and lips and a language center in the brain. Humans have over 100 muscles to control the vocal cords and tract, while apes have far fewer muscles. Humans can also shape many sounds because of their agile tongue and lips. Apes do not have fine control of their lips and tongue, thereby limiting their range of sounds. 

Additionally humans have areas in their brains dedicated to processing language; apes do not. We are very different from apes in the area of language and speech. The ability of humans to communicate is unique as compared to all animals on Earth.

We were designed to verbally communicate thoughts and ideas. The skill of human speech is just what we would expect from the Creator who made us in His image to communicate. Of course, the most important use of language is to give thanks to and share truths about the awesomeness of our Creator, Savior, and Lord God – Jesus Christ.

(Source: Inspired Evidence – Stuart Burgess, The Origins of Man, The image of ape or image of God? 2004 pp. 64-70)


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