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Did you know there’s 1500 active volcanoes on the earth and about 20 of them are actively erupting right this second?

So how do volcanoes erupt? The outermost layer of the Earth is called the crust which isn’t completely solid. It’s made up of massive geologic sections called tectonic plates. Eighty miles under the surface of these plates is a layer of hot liquid magma along with a lot of explosive gasses. The tectonic plates float on top of the magma and they move against each other at the same time. Pressure and friction build up on the magma and gasses until the pressure is released in an explosion. This extreme heated molten mixture explodes up through the cracks and out the Earth’s crust. The magma is called lava, and it passes through the Earth’s surface, spewing out as temperatures reach more than 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, scorching and burning anything in its way. 

Scientists can measure the argon-40 produced after eruption, and the amount of potassium-40 responsible for the decay, and then figure out when the lava erupted.  Many volcanoes, thought to have old ages, reveal that they erupted recently agreeing with the Biblical timeline. 



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