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Flood Currents Frozen in Stone

by Greg Morgan
December 6, 2011

You can’t walk into Paria Canyon without being struck dumb. The bizarre landforms look just like waves of sand frozen in time. Perhaps that’s exactly what happened to cause “The Wave”—a mute testimony to the worldwide Flood!

Seventy miles north of the Grand Canyon is the spectacularly beautiful Wave at Paria Canyon. This unique landforms looks like a wave of the sea, frozen in stone. With such stunning colors and shapes, it’s no wonder “the Wave” has appeared on the cover of many road atlases and books, and has been featured in numerous documentaries.

Located in a wild and remote region of the Western United States, this strange formation swirls with controversy. How old is this place? How was it formed?

The Wave is located above the Vermillion Cliffs near Kanab, Utah. These cliffs form one of the “steps” in the Grand Staircase north of Grand Canyon. Geologists agree that the rocks in the Grand Staircase once extended over the whole Grand Canyon area, but they were washed away during massive flooding. What catastrophic forces produced these layers and then washed them away?

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