What is Science?

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Is all science testable, repeatable and observable?

Empirical sciences are those branches of science which can be described and tested by mathematical equations. They make predictions that can be easily tested. For example, there are mathematical equations which can predict the exact effect of gravity or compute how fast soft tissues from dead animals will deteriorate.
Paleontology, evolution, and creation are not empirical sciences. They are scientific disciplines which make observations from the physical world and place these observations into a philosophical framework in order to understand the significance of these observations. Although evolution has been equated with the laws of gravity and commonly referred to as “a fact” and “the foundation of biology”, these claims are intellectually dishonest.
What mathematical formula shows the speed at which one animal is turning into a completely different type? What equation shows the type of evolutionary change that is about to happen? What prediction of evolution explains where evolution is heading? On the other hand, one can use equations of empirical science to show that soft tissue from dead animals could not possibly survive for millions of years. Evolution requires an enormous time period; therefore, no dinosaur fossils should contain soft tissue. The biblical creation model uses this same empirical science to predict that dinosaurs and other fossils buried during the flood could be found with such soft tissue still intact because they were fossilized quite recently during the worldwide flood.
Which is true? The Biblical model! Many examples of unfossilized tissue in dinosaurs have now been documented in scientific literature. It would seem that creation is actually much more “scientific” than evolution.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vette & Malone)


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