Tuesday, November 05, 2013Dinosaur herd buried in Noah’s Flood in Inner Mongolia, China
by Tas Walker

Published: 14 April 2009(GMT+10)

Image from Varricchio et al., ref. 2

Figure 1. Location of the fossil site in Inner Mongolia, China

Figure 1.Location of the fossil site in Inner Mongolia, China

An international team of scientists have uncovered graphic evidence of the deadly terror unleashed on a herd of dinosaurs as they were buried under sediment by the rising waters of Noah’s Flood in western Inner Mongolia (figure 1).1

Dinosaur bones were first discovered at the site, located at the base of a small hill in the Gobi Desert, in 1978 by a Chinese geologist. After about 20 years, a team of Chinese and Japanese scientists recovered the first skeletons, which they namedSinornithomimus, meaning “Chinese bird mimic”.

A few years later in 2001, the international team excavated the remains of more than 25 dinosaurs, creating a large quarry in the process as they as they followed the skeletons into the base of the hill.

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1.  Young dinosaurs roamed together, died together, Eurekalert, <eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2009-03/uoc-ydr0311o9.php>, 16 March 2009.

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