Why did dinosaurs disappear?

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What happened to the dinosaurs?

The Bible indicates that land animals were made on day six of creation week. Dinosaurs were land animals. Man was also made on day 6. Therefore, dinosaurs were made along with man (Genesis 1:24-25). Dinosaurs and man lived at the same time. When God called Noah to build an Ark, representatives of all the kinds of air-breathing land animals, which included the dinosaurs, went on the Ark. Those dinosaurs left outside Noah’s Ark died in the horrific flood, and many of these became fossils. After the Flood, the animals saved on the Ark (including the dinosaurs) disembarked and attempted to survive in the new environment.

As dinosaurs left the Ark, they experienced a totally different world from the pre-flood world.

The climate was much harsher, and the Earth’s atmospheric pressure and composition may have been much different. These changes, combined with hunting by mankind, resulted in many types of dinosaurs rapidly going extinct.
If people lived with dinosaurs, you would think that ancient historical writings, like the Bible, would mention them. And they do, just using a different word. The Bible was translated into English in 1611, but the word dinosaur was not coined until 1842 – a 231 year difference. However, the word “dragon” is repeatedly mentioned throughout the Bible (at least 21 times) and in ancient records from around the world. Dragons were dinosaurs. When we view the world through Biblical glasses, all observations, even the co-existence of dinosaurs with mankind and why dinosaurs no longer exist make perfect sense.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Ken Ham, The Great Dinosaur Mystery 1996 pp. 94-96)


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