You Are Unique

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Have you ever considered how special you are?

Each human is absolutely unique and known in an intimate way by his Maker. Not only does God know the number of hairs on our head, but He knows everything else about us. There is nothing He has designed and nothing we are experiencing which is not apparent to our Maker.
One example of our uniqueness is our iris. Every person’s iris is a unique combination of blue-green-brown color pigments arranged in a specific pattern. Look closely at your iris, and you will see a number of star-like patterns. Each person’s iris actually has at least 266 identifiable measurement points unique to any given individual. By comparison, our fingerprints have only 35 measurable points. The odds of one person having exactly the same iris as any other person is 1 out of 1078. This probability is FAR less likely than randomly selecting a single special electron from a random mixture of every electron in the entire universe, i.e. an impossibility.
Every person that God created is totally, uniquely, and individually special. God knows everything about you and loves you more than you can possibly imagine. Yet, without freedom, there can be no love, so Jesus gives you the freedom to love, obey, and worship Him or to reject His love and live for yourself.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Donald De Young, Discovery Design Searching out the Creators Secrets, Master Books 2009)


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