Evidence for a Young Earth

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Do the heavens and the Earth declare a recent creation?

Here are a few telling signs that the Biblical account of history points to a young Earth.
First, there are too few supernova remnants. We experience about one supernova, a violently exploding star every 25 years. The remnants of gas and dust should remain visible for millions of years. We have only directly observed approximately 200 supernova remnants. That’s about 7,000 years worth of supernovas.
Secondly, comets disintegrate too quickly. Comets are supposedly 5 billion years old, forming when our solar system supposedly condensed. Yet, each time a comet orbits close to the sun, it loses much of its material. Simple observation and straightforward math indicate that comets and our solar system could not have been around much longer than 100,000 years.
Third, there is not enough salt in the sea. Every year, streams and rivers dump over 450 million tons of salt into the oceans. Dividing the total amount of salt in the seas by the amount coming in at today’s rate gives a maximum possible age for the oceans. Salt accumulation may have been faster for 500 years or so following the Flood as during that time there was significantly more rainfall. The maximum possible age for the oceans when considering secular uniformitarianism is only 62 million years.
Finally, DNA and other biological materials decay rapidly. DNA experts have experimentally shown that no biologically significant lengths of DNA can exist in the natural world longer than 10,000 years. Yet, DNA has been identified in dinosaur fossils, within insects trapped inside of amber, and inside other creatures buried during Noah’s flood. The very existence of this DNA is proof that these creatures were buried quite recently.
The Biblical time scale of a young world fits these and many other natural phenomena much better than the billions of years evolutionary time frame.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vett & Malone, Answers In Genesis, Best Evidences for a Young Earth)


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