Class Complete: Questions for Reflection

Congratulations! You’ve finished watching all the lesson videos for Class 101. Using the following questions, take a moment to reflect on what you learned in the second half of this class:

  1. Many people are unaware that science has already discredited a lot of evolution’s supposed “missing links” (e.g. Java Man, Lucy, Piltdown Man, etc.).  If this information were widely known, how would it affect belief in evolution?  What does this tell us about the nature of the conflict between creation and evolution?
  1. Long ago Louis Pasteur established the law of biogenesis. How does this law impact evolution? Why do people continue to accept evolution anyway?
  1. After taking this class, a) how likely do you think it is that creation is true rather than evolution, and b) how confident would you be in having a conversation with someone who disagrees?  Compare your answer to what you would have said before taking this class.
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