Educate for Life is a non-profit organization started by Kevin Conover. It offers home school, online, and seminar classes that defend and explain the Bible. EFL's classes cover topics such as world religions, the reliability of the Bible, how to approach tough cultural issues biblically, creation vs. evolution, church history, and the Bible itself. These classes can be taken for credit at some Christian schools.
  • Wow! What a delight to have Kevin Conover at our church. There's no one better in San Diego to speak on the topic of how science and the Christian faith …

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    Rev. Darrell M. Dunlap—Senior Pastor, Christ Community Church

  • Kevin Conover has been a conference speaker at Future Quest for two years. We love having him all three days of our conference, as he never fails to fill a …

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    Laura Christensen—Future Quest Workshop Coordinator

  • Kevin Conover has proven himself to be a valuable resource through his dynamic presentations in defense of Biblical truths. He has a great ability to engage and enlighten his audience …

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    Pastor Gary Musser—Jamul Community Church

  • Did you know that 7 out of 10 kids leave church after high school? That is a huge epidemic, and it's one that we want to stop. That's why I …

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    Eric Hovind—Creation Today

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