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Meet Kevin and the Educate for Life team at these 2024 Events!

March 14-16  Great Homeschool Convention Greenville, South Carolina

March 21-23  Great Homeschool Convention St. Charles, Missouri

April 4-6  Great Homeschool Convention Cincinnati, Ohio

April 18-20 Texas Homeschool Coalition Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

April 19-20 Kansas Homeschool Educators Witchita, Kansas

May 2-4 Teach Them Diligently Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

May 16-18 Teach Them Diligently Branson, Missouri

May 23-25 Florida Parent Educators Association Orlando, Florida

May 30 – June 1 Texas Homeschool Coalition Houston, Texas

June 6-8 Home Educators Association Virginia – Richmond, Virgina

June 13-15 Great Homeschool Convention Ontario, California 

July 11-13 Great Homeschool Convention Round Rock, Texas 

July 12-13 Arizona Families for Home Education Conference Phoenix, Arizona


Kevin Conover has served as Vice Principal and Bible Department Head at Pastor David Jeremiah’s church and school. He has been teaching there since 2011.

Kevin was featured in a video by BuzzFeed

For 24 hours straight, Kevin and atheist/evolutionist John Rael were connected by handcuffs to each other.  Buzzfeed documented the experience and posted it on their YouTube channel, where it has been viewed over 200K times.

A message from Kevin

What Audiences Are Saying

Laura Christensen


“Kevin Conover has been a conference speaker at Future Quest for two years. We love having him all three days of our conference, as he never fails to fill a room. His speaking topics are vast and timely. He interacts with his audience and really knows how to hold the interest of our student attendees. His love for the Bible, and his knowledge of it engages young and old alike. He understands the times we are in, and has an upbeat, biblical worldview that leaves his listeners confident as they engage the culture. You will not be disappointed by having him speak at your event!”

Awana Conference 2018 Attendees


“All the information was presented exceptionally well.”

“I loved this! It was really cool! It strengthened my faith in the Bible!”

“Excellent blend of humor and faith… definitely going to keep looking up his stuff.”

“Very inspiring information and easy to comprehend.”

“Very intelligent, brought Bible to life in a very real way.”

“Fantastic presenter. Packed full of good info.”

“Very good, and it explained many things I never knew of before.”

Reverend Darrel M. Dunlap


“Wow! What a delight to have Kevin Conover at our church. There’s no one better in San Diego to speak on the topic of how science and the Christian faith interact with one another. He was encouraging, edifying, challenging, yet easy to understand for everyone. Our congregation loved him and already have asked me when he will be back! If you need someone to speak on a Sunday morning or even during the week, invite Kevin. He will prepare your congregation to defend their faith!”

McLain Parker

Mr. Conover is a phenomenal teacher who not only proves logically why other religions and belief systems are false, but why Christianity is logically true. His class helped me immensely in growing in my faith and walk with God.

Brandon Tardiff

This class really gave me a full understanding of all the worldviews, religions, and other issues in full depth. I have never been taught this much about these things. He is a good teacher because he knows his stuff and you can throw any argument at him and he will refute it.

Jayson Payne


“Kevin Conover is a dynamic speaker dedicated to the truth of God’s word and helping audiences of all ages understand how to apply Scripture in a practical way. His wide range of engaging apologetic topics are on point and highly beneficial for those who desire to strengthen their faith. Kevin has encouraged and equipped many believers at the Creation & Earth History Museum offering a solid biblical defense of the Bible! In addition I have known Kevin for many years and have been personally inspired by his leadership and passion for edifying the body of Christ.”

Ben Canfield


This class strengthened my relationship with God in many ways. It has given me a confidence in my faith that I never had before. I now feel prepared to go out in the world and take a stand for my faith. This class will prepare anyone with knowledge about many important subjects that are necessary to stand up for the Christian faith. Mr. Conover was a great teacher. The thing I liked the most about him was the fact that he always could answer my questions. He is very knowledgeable about the subjects he teaches. Also, he will take time out of his day to help you understand a topic, or give you advice about life.

Pastor Jim Garlow


“Kevin Conover is one of the most effective communicators I know of when it comes to defending the Biblical worldview logically, scientifically, and historically. His ability to make difficult concepts understandable is phenomenal. He has a rare ability to take intellectual concepts that could be dry and boring and attach them to the heart and God’s love for people. I encourage you to bring Kevin Conover to your church to equip and prepare your congregation to be able to give a powerful case for the truth of God’s Word, your congregation will be glad you did!”

Amber Michel

I would say if you’re a Christian and you would want to know how to defend your faith better, take this class. I learned so much good information and in an interesting way. Mr. Conover is a really great teacher.

Isabeau Brown

This class did wonders for my faith. Mr. Conover is informed and intelligent. Ask him a question and he knows the answer. Leaving this class I feel more than prepared to defend my faith against other religions and prevalent social issues.

Pastor Gary Musser


“Kevin Conover has proven himself to be a valuable resource through his dynamic presentations in defense of Biblical truths. He has a great ability to engage and enlighten his audience on topics ranging from the reliability of Scripture, evolution and world religions as well as a variety of hot topic social issues. If you are looking to equip and encourage your fellowship on the issues that many of them are seeking answers to, then I highly recommend that you invite Kevin to partner with you. I have no doubt that he will capture the attention of your congregation, but more importantly they will leave encouraged, informed, equipped and with a deeper appreciation of the truths in God’s Word.”

Pauly Ulrich


This was the most interesting and informative class I’ve ever taken. This class did more to strengthen my beliefs and trust in Christianity than anything I’ve ever experienced. Mr. Conover was definitely a good teacher. He knows the information well, and he knows how to articulate it in a way that is almost always easy to understand. He also knows how to keep the class entertaining and enjoyable. If you have any doubts or questions, this class will provide you with everything you need to make your decision.

Book Kevin as a speaker for your conference, church service, or event