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Learn To Defend And Share Your Faith

COURSE 100 Nature: Created or Evolved?

Class 101: The Fossil Record vs. Evolution

Class 102: Evidence For a Worldwide Flood

Class 103: Did Man Walk With Dinosaurs?

Class 104: Age of the Earth

Class 105: Genetic Mutations and Intelligent Design

Class 106: Irreducible Complexity and Thermodynamics

Class 107: The Big Bang and the Anthropic Principle

Class 108: The Greatest Hoax on Science

Class 109: Evolutionary Ethics

Class 110: Answering Atheism

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Course 200 Religion: Who’s Right?

Class 201: Understanding Faith

Class 202: Refuting Relativism

Class 203: Hinduism and Buddhism

Class 204: Understanding Buddhism

Class 205: History of Judaism and Islam

Class 206: Islam and the Bible

Class 207: History of Mormonism

Class 208: Mormon Beliefs

Class 209: History of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Class 210: Beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Course 300 Bible: Myth or Fact?

Class 301: Sola Scriptura

Class 302: Canon and Authorship of the Bible

Class 303: Historical Accuracy of the Bible

Class 304: Bible Translation: Has It Been Changed?

Class 305: Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

Class 306: Slavery, Sexism, Weird Laws and Genocide

Class 307: Suffering, Evil and Hell

Class 308: Inerrancy, Contradictions and Miracles

Class 309: Prophetic Accuracy of the Bible

Class 310: Evidence for the Resurrection

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Course 400 Culture: The Bible Applied

Class 401: As A Country Thinks, So It Is

Class 402: Was America A Christian Nation?

Class 403: If It’s Broke, Fix It

Class 404: The Bible On Homosexuality

Class 405: Born That Way?

Class 406: Culture, Marriage, and Children

Class 407: Do You Know What You’re Having?

Class 408: Avoiding Heartbreak in Dating

Class 409: Making Marriage Last A Lifetime

Class 410: Rules Without Relationship Lead To Rebellion