9/22/2013: Morality According to an Atheist

Sunday, September 22nd ♦ 6:00-7:00 PM ♦ 1170AM KCBQ Kevin co-hosted the Bob Siegel show, and they conversed with an atheist (Wesley McMullen) on the topic of conscience and morality. If there is no God, can terms such as “right” and “wrong” still be meaningful? Listen to (or download) the full show at

8/18/2013: The Bible and Science: Best Friends Forever!

Sunday, August 18th ♦ 6:00-7:00 PM ♦ 1170AM KCBQ Kevin guest-hosted the Bob Siegel show to discuss the scientific accuracy of the Bible. Is it full of mistakes like skeptics claim, or does it contain scientific truth far ahead of its time? Listen here at

8/18/2013: Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate?

Sunday, August 18th ♦ 10:30am-12:00pm at Mapleview Baptist Church 13176 Mapleview Street ♦ Lakeside, CA ♦ 92040 ♦ (619) 443-6467 Are science and Christianity really in conflict? Kevin presents the evidence.

8/10/2013: How to Defend your Faith in College

Saturday, August 10th ♦ 9am-12pm at Skyline Church 11330 Campo Rd. ♦ La Mesa, CA ♦ 91941 ♦ (619) 660-5000 For high school juniors and seniors, as well as parents.

5/25/2013: Interview with an Atheist

I’m interviewing Shawn Lorenzana of the San Diego New Atheists and Agnostics tonight May 25th from 7-9 PM on why he’s an atheist. I’ll also be giving examples of atheists who converted to Christianity and discussing why they converted. Tune in here

5/5/2013: How to Bring America Back to God

Tonight, May 5th 2013 7-9 PM Free online live class: Why do people believe in evolution if it’s not true and how to turn America back towards God.

4/7/2013: 21 Reasons NOT to Believe (Skyline Church)

I’ll be teaming up with Pastor Garlow and Bob Siegel to kick off the New Sermon Series “21 Reasons NOT To Believe” on Easter Sunday. The series will continue through April and I’ll be helping out on April 7th, 14th, and 28th also. The focus of the series is to answer people’s questions about the Read More

4/7/2013: Scientific Proof of God (online seminar)

This Sunday April 7th from 7-9 PM PST is a live, free online seminar presenting scientific proof of God at You can view a recording of the seminar here.

2/10/2013: ON THE RADIO: School Choice and the future of Christian education

I’ll be on the radio this Sunday February 10th 2013 from 6-7 PM and in San Diego on AM 1170. My guests will include Lindsey Burke of the Heritage Foundation and Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University We’ll be discussing SCHOOL CHOICE and the future of education in America. I’ll Read More

1/13/2013: Genetic Evidence for Biblical Creation