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“Homosexuality Is Not Hardwired,” Concludes Dr. Francis S. Collins, Head Of The Human Genome Project

Monday, July 01, 2013 by A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D, MBA, MPH The following article was originally posted on on April 4, 2007, and can be viewed at April 4, 2007 – Dr. Francis S. Collins, one of the world’s leading scientists who works at the cutting edge of DNA, concluded that “there is an inescapable […]

“The Wave” rock formation shows power of the Flood

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Flood Currents Frozen in Stone by Greg Morgan December 6, 2011 You can’t walk into Paria Canyon without being struck dumb. The bizarre landforms look just like waves of sand frozen in time. Perhaps that’s exactly what happened to cause “The Wave”—a mute testimony to the worldwide Flood! Seventy miles north […]

“If God is all-powerful, can He create a stone so big that even He cannot move it?”

This past weekend, Educate for Life participated in a Christian home school expo.  The most popular aspect of our booth by far was a sign that offered a free starburst or drink to anyone who answered one of several apologetics-related questions.  The question that elicited the greatest response was the one in the title of […]


1/13/2013: Genetic Evidence for Biblical Creation

10,000 mi³ of sand deposited by Flood (Flood evidence 4)

Wednesday, December 04, 2013 Sand Transported Cross Country Flood Evidence Number Four by Andrew A. Snelling August 25, 2008 We find layers of thick sandstone around the earth. Where did the sand come from? Evidence indicates it was carried across entire continents by water circling the globe. Genesis 7 says that all the high hills and […]

10/15/2017: Kevin Conover at Southbay Community Church

On Sunday, October 15th, Kevin Conover will be speaking at Southbay Community Church, on the topic of Evolution and Creation. Date: Sunday, 10/15/17 Time: 9:30 am PDT Location: Southbay Community Church, 2400 Euclid Ave, National City, CA, 91950 Topic: Evolution and Creation

10/25/2013: Did God Use Evolution?

A debate between Biblical Creation and Theistic Evolution ♦ Monday, September 30 ♦ 6:30-9:30 PM ♦ FREE OF CHARGE! ♦ Presented by Southern California Seminary ♦ Sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research Located at Shadow Mountain Community Church ♦ 2100 Greenfield Dr, El Cajon, CA 92019

11/4/2017: Creation Day — God’s Image in Genetics

On Saturday, November 4th, Kevin Conover will be speaking at the Creation and Earth History Museum’s Creation Day event, on the topic of how God’s image can be seen in genetics. Date: Saturday, 11/4/17 Location: Creation and Earth History Museum, 10946 N Woodside Ave, Santee, CA 92071 Topic: God’s Image in Genetics

12/15/2012: DEBATE: Which is more rational? Belief in God or non-belief in God?

When: Saturday December 15th 4-6 PMWhere: San Diego Christian College 2100 Greenfield Drive El Cajon CA 92019 Directions: Take 8 east to Greenfield Drive, go right, college will be on the left hand side. Enter at guard shack and go left around turnabout. Park on left and enter admin building (see photo below) Go through […]