100 Nature: Created or Evolved?

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We live in an amazing universe full of incredible phenomena, not the least of which being intelligent life. Were we crafted lovingly by an all-powerful God, or generated spontaneously by an indifferent void? The answer makes all the difference in the world! This course presents an abundance of evidence for the thesis that God is the ultimate source of the universe and everything in it.

Class 101: The Fossil Record vs. Evolution

Class 102: Evidence For a Worldwide Flood

Class 103: Did Man Walk With Dinosaurs?

Class 104: Age of the Earth

Class 105: Genetic Mutations and Intelligent Design

Class 106: Irreducible Complexity and Thermodynamics

Class 107: The Big Bang and the Anthropic Principle

Class 108: The Greatest Hoax on Science

Class 109: Evolutionary Ethics

Class 110: Answering Atheism