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I recently received a question from one of my previous students who graduated in 2009.”…I had some questions on the evolution thing we did during apologetics. What was the flaw of Lucy? Like what did they find that was incorrect? And have you heard of the newfound hominids, one is called ardipithecus ramidus also ‘ardi’ and another one is called ardipithecus kaddaba? Let me know if you find anything about these two.”

Regarding Lucy or Australopithecus: Lucy is a 3 1/2 foot tall skeleton found by Dr. Donald Johanson in 1974. According to Johanson it was

the oldest most complete skelton of any human ancestor known to anthropoligists. It is supposed to give us a good idea of what our ancestors looked like 3 million years ago. Too bad it looks just like a chimpanzee skeleton.

The main reason Lucy is supposed to be a missing link in the chain demonstrating our evolution from monkey to man is because supposedly her hip bone and knee bone structure indicate she walked upright like a man.

There are two BIG problems with this assumption:

  1. There are monkeys in the world today which walk upright and aren’t considered a missing link. The pygmy chimp for example in the Amazon Jungle.
  2. The knee bone of Lucy was not found with the rest of her skeleton. It was found over a MILE away and 200 FEET DEEPER than the rest of the bones!!! What! I can just imagine this, “Well, we can’t find a knee for her around here, but Bob found one way over there, let’s just put the two together and it will even look like she walked upright.”

The sad fact is that the history of missing link frauds that are put forth by biased evolutionary advocates just gets bigger and bigger. If you had a friend who lied to you over and over again, eventually you just wouldn’t give much credibility to anything they said. The missing links put forth look real scientific and respectable with their big names like ardipithecus ramidus but dig a little deeper and you realize there isn’t any real support for what they are preaching. Here’s some more examples:

Ramapithecus, found in 1976, which was only the fragment of a jaw and several teeth was put forth as a missing link and turned out to be an orangutan.

Javaman or Homo Erectus was a Gibbon monkey skull and a human leg bone found 50 feet away by Eugène Dubois. This was a hoax which Eugène confessed to before he passed away. He had also found two human skulls right nearby which he had hidden in order to make his Homo Erectus fossil seem more plausible.

Piltdown Man was a human skull combined with the jaw of an orangutan collected in 1912 from a gravel pit at Piltdown, a village near Uckfield, East Sussex, in England. The teeth were filed down to make the fossil look more human. This was a fraud that fooled evolutionists for 40 years.

Neanderthal Man was a more than one fossil found that was stooped over and therefore classified as a missing link. But it was later discovered they were stooped over because of a bone disease like rickets. They are now classified as normal humans.

Nebraska Man was made up based off of one tooth found in 1921!! Turned out to be the tooth of an extinct pig.

These frauds are so preposterous it boggles my mind. This is why whenever I hear about a new missing link I don’t get too excited. The truth will always rise to the surface and the theories and lies will fade away in time. It’s just sad that in our country these lies get so much air time in colleges and public schools and with such an air of scientific respectability.

As far as these newer “homonids” are concerned, here are two articles you can check out. These newer homonids are going to face the same fate as the ones I described previously.


ardipithecus kaddaba

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