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Flood Evidence Number Three

by Dr. Andrew Snelling, AiG-U.S.
May 7, 2008

Every continent contains layers of sedimentary rocks that span vast areas. Many of these layers can even be traced across continents.

What evidence do we have that the Genesis Flood, as described in Genesis 7–8, really occurred? This article is the next installment in a series of the six main geologic evidences that testify to the Genesis Flood (listed to the right).

Genesis 7 explains that water covered all the high hills and the mountains, and that all air-breathing life on the land was swept away and perished. As part of the evidence of the Flood, we would expect to find rock layers all over the earth filled with billions of dead animals and plants that were rapidly buried and fossilized in sand, mud, and lime. And that’s exactly what we find.

Rapidly Deposited Sediment Layers Spread Across Vast Areas

On every continent are found layers of sedimentary rocks over vast areas. Many of these sediment layers can be traced all the way across continents, and even between continents. Furthermore, when geologists look closely at these rocks, they find evidence that the sediments were deposited rapidly.

Consider the sedimentary rock layers exposed in the walls of the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona (Figure 2). This sequence of layers is not unique to that region of the USA. For more than 50 years geologists have recognized that these strata belong to six mega-sequences (very thick, distinctive sequences of sedimentary rock layers) that can be traced right across North America.1

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