Animal Migration

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How did animals spread across the world after they left Noah’s Ark?

How did the kangaroos get from the Middle East to Australia? After the Flood, the animals left Noah’s Ark, spreading out and filling the Earth. Flying creatures could fly, but what about those that walked? Many could have floated on vast floating log debris left over from the Flood. Others could have been taken by people. One study has suggested that Australian dingoes descended from a single female domesticated dog from Southeast Asia. A third possible explanation is that animals could have crossed on land bridges. One land bridge from Asia to the Americas is over the Bering Straits. For such land bridges to exist, we would need the sea levels to be much lower. 

After the Flood, during the Ice Age, enormous amounts of water from the oceans would have been locked up in the great ice sheets.

This would then lower the sea levels around the world, creating land bridges. It is currently believed ocean levels were 200 – 300 feet lower during the Ice Age, exposing much more land above sea level and England would have been connected to Europe. 

Evidence bears this out because we find the remains of many Ice Age animals, such as the reindeer and hippopotamus, in southern England. A land bridge from Asia to Australia would have developed, allowing animals to migrate to Australia. When we view the world from the biblical perspective, there was a catastrophic world wide flood that caused the one and only Ice Age. This would have locked up great quantities of water on land, causing the sea level to drop and creating land bridges for animals and people to fill the Earth – just as God commanded.

(Source: Inspired Evidence –Michael Oard – Life in the Ice Age Master Books 1993 pp. 60)


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