Catastrophic Conclusion

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Why are almost all marine fossils found on the continents and not in rock layers on the ocean floor?

Fossils of sea creatures are found at the top of all the major mountain ranges, even the 20,000+ foot Himalaya Mountains. Where should these marine fossils be? One would think they should be on the ocean floor; after all, evolutionists teach that the marine creatures have been living and dying in the ocean for millions of years. But, there is a stark absence of fossils on the ocean floor.
The Biblical viewpoint of Earth history acknowledges a catastrophic flood with tsunamis that brought the marine creatures onto land surfaces. These ocean deposits flooded over the continents, carrying with them sediments and marine creatures. During the year long flood of Noah’s day, there was not just one tsunami but many repeated disasters in such great numbers that eventually thousands of feet of marine-bearing fossil sediments were laid down. When one visits the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, one finds fossilized dinosaurs mixed with marine fossils; sea shells are the most common fossils in this “dinosaur deposit.”
The flood waters covered the continents, bringing with them the marine creatures. Throughout the fossil record or geological column, sea creatures are mixed with the fossilized land creatures. At the end of the year-long flood, the mountains rose up and the ocean valleys sank down as the waters rushed off the continents into today’s oceans. Apparently there was also rapid continental movement during this flood, which explains the location of the current continents and the formation of the new sea floor with relatively little sediment and few fossils. The flood of Noah’s time was truly a violent cataclysm!
(Source: Inspired Evidence –Von Vett & Malone)



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