Coal and the Global Flood

Mar 3, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Did you know coal mines serve as vivid reminders of Noah’s Flood?

Inside a coal mine are the remains of buried leaves, trees, shells and sometimes fish. Going underground is like traveling into a long lost world. Coalminers frequently uncover carbonized branches and roots and in some places, the brush and trees are heaped up as if they were dumped near a flooding river. In other places, tree trunks have been found as long as 80 feet, some lying down and others extending upward through the seams of coal. The coal seams or layers are often sandwiched between layers of sandstone, which were laid down by flowing water.

When the machinery working coal seams is turned off, methane can often be heard hissing from the coal face. Methane gas is explosive and poisonous. For the methane to still be present suggests coal is not millions of years old; otherwise, the gas would have leaked out long ago.

Miners have to be continually aware of deadly stumps and tree roots called “kettle bottoms”, which are petrified in the sandstone seam. As miners are digging out the coal seam, the sandstone roof may contain these heavy, petrified tree roots. These heavy kettle bottoms sometimes fall out without warning and hurt the miners. Miners working deep in the Earth see evidence of a global flood in the coal, sandstone, methane gas, and fossils. The existence of widespread coal seams is a testimony to the catastrophic worldwide flood of the Bible.

(Source: Inspired Evidence – Julie Von Vett & Bruce Malone)



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