Equipped Eyelids

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Have you considered the workings of your eyelids?

That’s what engineer Robert Kearns from Detroit, Michigan, the center of America’s auto industry, was thinking about when he was driving in a misty rain. It was early in the 1960’s, and Kearns was irritated that his windshield wipers had only two speeds, fast or slow. When he had the wipers on slow, they scraped and chattered across his windshield. When he turned them off, the misty rain was too heavy to see clearly. So he decided to copy the blinking of the eyes; modeling the eyelids as they work like wipers that operate intermittently to keep my vision clear.
When our eyes blink, saline fluid washes across our eyes to remove dust while moisturizing and protecting. Our blinking is intermittent, depending on a number of factors such as humidity and the amount of dust. Kearns began tinkering with wiper motors until they could work at intervals. This was difficult because compact integrated circuits had not yet been invented. Finally, in 1964, he patented the first intermittent windshield wiper with an adjustable delay. Today, all cars testify to his ingenuity.
The intermittent wiper did not happen by accident and chance. We know the inventor’s name: Robert Kearns. When we see a windshield wiper, we know there is a “windshield wiper maker”. In the same way when we see a blinking eye, which is enormously more complex than Kearns’s invention, we know there must be a “blinking eye maker”, and his name is Jesus.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Don De Young, Eyelids the Intermittent Wipers)


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