Evolution True or False

Oct 4, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Is the evolutionary worldview truthful?

The evolution creation debate is similar to debating the existence of air. No matter how much evidence we put forward as to the existence of air, the person refusing to acknowledge air’s existence would reject the evidence and propose some alternative explanation. Denying the existence of air is breathing air and using air to transmit his denial of air’s existence.
In a similar way, evolution is simply a story to explain the existence of everything while denying the existence of a Creator. Those who believe in evolution make truth claims and random processes such as “mutations filtered by natural selection” created all biological life. However the very existence of truth depends upon the Biblical concept that truth exists. If we are just gas molecules that turned into stars, that turned into elements, then turned into organic molecules, and turned into single-celled organisms, then fish, preceded by land animals that turned into ape-like creatures that finally turned into people, then truth is a nonsensical concept.
How could hydrogen gas learn to think? How could the truth be true if it happened by accident or chance? Why should one activity be considered wrong and another activity be considered right? Thus, those claiming that evolution is the truth, in reality, have to rely upon a Biblical concept of the existence of truth to make their argument that the Bible cannot be true.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vett & Malone)”Learn to defend your faith at educateforlife.org”


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