Fantastic Feet

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Have you considered the human foot? 

It has a unique arch that allows man to stand upright. What does it take to make an arch? Think of the Gothic churches of the Middle Ages and their towering arches. Arches need wedge-shaped blocks, a keystone and ties. The human foot has 26 precisely shaped bones, several which are wedge-shaped. The ankle bone is the keystone. As the weight of the body is pushed down on the keystone or ankle bone, the weight passes through the wedge-shaped bones to the floor. The wedge-shaped bones are held in place with ligaments or ties. The human foot needs all three parts in order for an arch to be made. If one part is missing, the arch collapses.

In the human foot, the ligaments hold the bones together with enough stiffness to make the arch hold the weight of the body, yet flexible enough to allow the foot to flex for walking and running. This flexibility helps to absorb the shocks during walking and running. In addition, the muscles and tendons in the precise places enhance the arch allowing for wonderful balance in an upright position. A human’s arched foot is the perfect design for walking and running upright. In contrast, ape feet have no arches, they use their feet as a second pair of hands for gripping branches.

Arches in buildings need differently designed parts in exact places before they can function properly. An arch in a building requires design and planning to work successfully. It is well known in engineering that an arched structure is an irreducible structure. All the pieces must be designed, present at the same time and placed in a correct order for it to function properly. Since the human foot is an equivalent (yet far more complex) arch utilizing wedge-shaped blocks, a keystone and ties, the human foot must be an irreducible structure too. All pieces must be present at the beginning for the arch to work. When we see an arch, we know there must be an arch maker. With the foot, this arch maker is Jesus.

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