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Did you know, for centuries, scientists and astronomers have been trying to discover the origins of the universe, how it began, and how it works?

Scientists built the Hubble telescope to discover some of those mysteries in 1990. It was the first telescope to launch into space traveling far above the Earth’s clouds and atmosphere, so it has a clear view of the universe.
This high powered telescope has photographed planets of our solar system along with far away stars and galaxies. In fact, the Hubble Space Telescope is so powerful that it can see stars, planets and galaxies so far away, that it would be as if you were able to see a lightning bug way over in the Philippines while sitting at your home in the United States.
Hubble’s photographs have changed how we see the universe and it helps us recognize that our universe is not a product of random chance. Our God is not a god of chaos, or accidents. God is intentional, who has designed everything in the universe to work perfectly. The sun is the perfect distance from the Earth, creating the right temperatures for life, not too hot or cold. The moon’s gravity is perfect for Ocean’s tides, preventing the oceans from becoming stagnant. The Earth tilt is perfectly to keep her climate balanced and the seasons. Everything in the universe works together, because that’s how God planned it.
(Source: Indescribable – Louie Giglio)


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