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How do evolutionists explain metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis begins with the mother butterfly laying an egg. The egg soon hatches into a hungry caterpillar. The caterpillar eats, and eats, and eats until it becomes a fat, wingless, worm-like creature. Then it does the craziest thing imaginable. The critter seals itself into a chrysalis and turns itself into “caterpillar soup”.
Within the chrysalis everything liquefies, the caterpillar’s legs, its chewing mouth, its skin, and its eyes. Within this liquid, a few cells start to move. Soon some of the cells form into wings, others turn into legs, or antennas, or a sucking mouth, or eyes and so on. Eventually, a completely new creature emerges from the chrysalis, a butterfly!
How does “caterpillar soup” know how to turn into a delicate butterfly? Evolutionary scientists don’t have a clue. All they can say is that the instructions for the new creatures are programmed within the caterpillars. This explains nothing. When we see a program, we know there must be a programmer. This programmer is God the Creator. He is the one who programmed all this information into the “caterpillar soup”. To believe that a butterfly’s life cycle happened by “chance mutations” is remarkable. To believe that this process independently developed hundreds of times, there are easily many different types of insects which undergo metamorphosis is beyond credibility.
The fact that Jesus programmed the crawling, chewing caterpillar to become soup and change into a flying, proboscis sucking butterfly is by far the best scientific answer to the origin of this creature. This rebirth is also a picture of what awaits us in heaven.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vett & Malone)



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