The Monarch Butterfly

Nov 14, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Did you know that the Monarch butterfly has a compact navigational system more powerful than your personal GPS? (Content adapted from Inspired Evidence by Julie Vett & Bruce Malone.)

The amazing monarch has a number of incredible design features including the ability to see in all directions at the same time, view all colors of the rainbow and ultraviolet light, as well as zoom in on objects as small as 0.04 inches from 20 feet away.

These butterflies can navigate locations as far as 3,000 miles away and can detect the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field! The magnificent monarchs weigh less that 0.5 grams and have a brain and optics system smaller than the size of a pea to route its destination.

This navigational wonder is truly a testament to God’s marvelous creation!


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