Marcus Preciado was born in Panama the son of a Special Forces, Green Beret. As an Army Brat, he grew up bouncing back and forth between Panama and North Carolina. He eventually finished his last years of high school in Santa Barbara.

He attended San Diego State University, where he played football, studied business, and met his wife Tracey. Marcus spent the first part of his professional career in the corporate world leading sales teams at Enterprise Rent-a-car and Owens Corning.

His last ten years were spent at the Rock Church where he had a dramatic impact on the ministry and community as Director of Sports before transitioning to the role of Director of Strategic Relationships.

Marcus founded and runs Cielo Sports. Cielo Sports mentors athletes and coaches at all levels. They invest in the lives of others to help them grow and mature in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

As these men and women draw closer to God, they, in turn, use their platforms to impact others while pointing them to Christ’s life-changing love. Through biblical discipleship, the athletes and coaches become spiritual leaders within their teams, communities, and most importantly their homes.

To learn more about Cielo Sports, check out Tune in for a great and inspirational episode.

This episode first aired on Feb 16, 2020

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