Rocky Remnants

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How do scientists explain the massive geological remnants around the world?

One of the objections which evolutionary geologists frequently make to the Biblical interpretation of world history is the lack of time needed to form the geological features of our planet. One example is Yosemite Valley. This valley is acknowledged to have been completely filled with snow, compressed into a solid glacier of ice over 3000 feet deep. That would require approximately 50,000 feet of snowfall, adding extra snow to account for meltback. If the Earth is only 6000 years old, how could so much snow have accumulated so rapidly?
Larry Vardiman recently modeled this possibility using conditions expected after the worldwide flood to predict the snowfall in the Yosemite region. Massive continental land movements and volcanism would have left the ocean significantly warmer after the flood. Warmer oceans result in vastly greater evaporation that would fall as gargantuan snowstorms at higher elevations.
Even today, weather patterns known as Pineapple Express storms can dump as much as 20 feet of snow in the higher Sierra Nevada Mountains in one week! If the ocean surface tempera- ture was elevated to 113oF , this is the type of ocean temperature possible by the end of the worldwide flood, these same weather patterns would increase in both frequency and output with models showing each storm dropping as much as 80 feet of snow per week. Thus, 50,000 feet of snow could easily accumulate from 625 snowstorms.
If there was an average of 10 such storms per year the Yosemite glacier could have formed in fewer than 60 years. These snow storms would have continued until the ocean cooled. The Yosemite glacier likely took much longer than 60 years to form but not thousands of years. The Biblical model clearly explains the rapid formation of the Yosemite geological formations; it was a direct consequence of the ice age which immediately followed the flood.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Von Vett & Malone)


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