Shark Teeth

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What do you think when you hear the word shark?

Most probably think about its terrifying teeth! There are more than 400 species of sharks in the world and all of them have lots of teeth. They use their teeth to rip and tear their prey and in the process they lose some. Sharks would die off due to lack of nourishment without their teeth, so God designed an amazing teeth replacement system. Shark’s teeth are arranged in rows in their mouth, one behind the other. Some sharks only have five rows of teeth, but others like bull sharks have up to 50 rows and these rows act as a conveyor belt. When one tooth is lost and another tooth from behind it pushes forward and takes its place.
Sharks are born with a full set of teeth unlike humans, who are born toothless, shark’s teeth vary in shape, depending on the type of shark and what it eats. For example, the shortfin mako shark has razor-like teeth for tearing, while the zebra shark has flat teeth perfect for crushing the shells and mollusks. Sharks aren’t the only creatures God takes care of in unique ways, He comes up with some pretty awesome ways to take care of us too!
(Source: Indescribable – Louie Giglio)



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