Supernatural Solar Eclipse

Nov 1, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

How do we explain the supernatural?

The Bible claims that during Jesus’ crucifixion, “the sun stopped shining”. Darkness was upon the Earth from 12 noon to 3pm. Some people claim that the darkness was no supernatural event, only a solar eclipse. Let’s examine this idea.
First, we know Passover was being celebrated at this time, and the date for Passover is based on the moon cycle, that’s why the date for Easter varies so much. Passover takes place on a full moon. A solar eclipse could not have taken place during a full moon; the moon would have been in the wrong position. For a solar eclipse to occur, it needs to be a new moon.
Second, the text says darkness came upon the land from the sixth hour until the ninth hour. No solar eclipse could have lasted that long.
Third, the text says darkness was over the “whole” Earth. A solar eclipse would have been a very local event. Just as liberal theologians destroy the credibility of Genesis by ignoring that the most common word in Genesis 6-9 is the word “all” (i.e. flood waters covered “all” the hills under the heavens), they are willing to deny the text in an effort to explain away the supernatural.
Fourth, this event caused the centurion to proclaim, “Truly this was the Son of God” (Matthew 27:54). People had seen many solar eclipses. Although they may have been feared, seeing one during the crucifixion of a man on a cross would hardly cause a Roman soldier to proclaim that that dead man was God on Earth (i.e., the Messiah – the “Son of God”).
Those who want to assign natural events to every miracle of the Bible need to ignore the clear, straightforward statements of the text in order to do so, disregarding the authority of Scripture.
(Source: Inspired Evidence Von Vett & Malone,


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