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What is Truth?

Truth is a concept under siege. Like the last stand at the Alamo, our culture seems determined to destroy every last remnant of the belief in truth, and Christians seem besieged on all sides by overwhelming forces of deception. Consider the adjectives commonly coupled with the concept of truth, ‘partial’ truth, ‘half’ truth, ‘gentle’ truth, ‘relative’ truth, ‘debatable’ truth, ‘white’ lie, ‘sort-of’ true, ‘your’ truth, ‘near’ truth, ‘grey’ area. These words coupled with truth are self-contradictory.

If truth is relative, then truth does not exist.

Society cannot function without the existence of “true” truth. Furthermore, the claim that “truth is relative” is in itself an appeal that absolute truth exists.
Truth, or an equivalent term, is mentioned at least 389 times in the Bible. Just before his brutal death, when asked by Herod who he was, Jesus responded by stating that his purpose in coming to Earth was, “to testify to the truth.” (John 18:37). Truth is absolutely central to understanding God, Jesus, Satan, the Bible, and the cosmic battle we are engaged in.
If we cannot trust the clear straightforward statements of the Bible to be true, we truly are lost upon the shifting sands of relativism. Truth cannot contradict itself, and there cannot be alternate truths. This is because God is truth, and just as there is only one Creator, there can be only one truth.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Julie Von Vett & Bruce Malone)


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