White As Snow

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Have you ever been blinded by the brightness of the snow on a sunny winter day?

Snow reflects almost 90% of the sun rays landing on it. This keeps the snow cooler, resulting in a slower melting rate. God designed it that way to make flooding minimal and allow it to slowly percolate into the ground, making the soil ready for spring.
God created snow to hold the water at a slower rate of release. The storage of snow rather than water protects the Earth from catastrophic erosion that would take place if all moisture fell as rain. Snow acts as a fluffy insulating blanket for plants and creatures underneath the snow, shielding them from the harsh winter temperatures. It can be 20 degrees Fahrenheit warmer near the ground under snow than in the air above the snow. Falling snow also cleanses the air, the snowflakes capture floating dust and other particles as it begins to crystallize and falls to the Earth. Next time you experience a snowstorm, take a deep breath and the air will smell clean and crisp.
The whiteness of snow is also a wonderful metaphor for God’s cleansing of our sin. God cares for our soul and desires for it to appear as white as snow and not full of sin’s crimson color. Accepting Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf is what brings this cleansing to our soul making us appear as white as newly fallen snow.
(Source: Inspired Evidence – Julie Von Vett & Bruce Malone)


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